Friday, May 20, 2005

Leaving the ship in Fukuoka. Our last view.

A big thanks to Max who sent me most of these pics. My camera was full so he came to my rescue. I just got the CD in the mail today. He's a chemical engineer out near Tokyo and he loves studying English. He was my buddy for the trip. Thanks Max!!!

I made it! And I have a piece of paper to prove it!

Captain Aki giving his farewell remarks and handing out the certificates.

Mattsun, our team leader, got tired and took a rest on the radar screen.

We were all in the rigging to give a group greeting to the 8 people on shore waiting for us. It was fun, but we were up there for half an hour! That gets to be tiring!

Coming in to Fukuoka

Spending time on deck.

Some of my teammates

Others try their hand at using a sextant.

Max visits the engine room.

Putting us to work.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I was the stand in officer for taking in the Foremast Gaff Sail. I messed up only once (I had them secure the brails before they were taut), but I fixed it!

A better picture of Nao.

Nao and I after securing the Mizzen Gaff sail. This is the 21 year old boy who was "trying" to flirt with me the whole week... though his attempts reminded me of Jr High.

Ready to climb!

Thursday, May 4, was Children's Day, a national holiday. These fish windsocks are traditionally hung all over Japan. Akogare had to celebrate as well!

We did a lot of hanging out on deck.

Captain Aki explains our position and course.

Another sunset, but clouds got in the way. I went to bed right after this because we had 0400- 0800 watch.

Our team, Rigeru, which I came to find out is not the Japanese term for Rigging. It's the Japanese name for the Orion constellation. The other teams were other constellations as well...took me a long time to figure that one out.


There she is at full sail...too bad there was NO WIND, as you can see by the almost glass like surface of the ocean. Yes, the ocean was completely flat.

Shootin the shit with Captain Aki.

Me demonstrating how to row the boat.

Boat races #2

Boat races #1

Square sails are set.

Sweaty and sunburned on the T'Gallant.

That's me climbing! Up, up, up I go!

Getting ready to go up.

Gathering the troops.

Sunset on the sea.

Free time spent in the sun. Consequently, they all sunburned quite badly.

Time to get up.

The deck is clean...we worked out butts off.

The sails are set!

Leaving the bay.

Yu and Hide enjoying the bay.

Lots of free time.

Studying with Captain Aki.

Back to the ship!

Pose for a picture!

Our group waiting for the stragglers. LtoR: Yu, Wato-san, me, Hide, Marimon, & Hana (our crew member for the day).

After lunch, we hiked up a hill behind the church. We found an old Christian graveyard.

My packed lunch from the ship. Onigiri (rice balls), some japanese pickels, a fish on a stick (no, not a fish stick; fish ON a stick), and a fish paste thingy on a stick. Guess your food game, anyone?

Before we climbed to the church. Wato-san, Yu, and Nao..."the boys". Wato-san and Nao are brothers and both spoke a little English.

The boats we took to get to shore. We had to put them together like a puzzle and then inflate.

Back view of the church.

Inside the church. It may be Catholic, but it's very Japanese. You take your shoes off before going inside!