Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Welcome Back!

I had wanted to write a post about how great my vacation was and how relaxed I feel after spending three weeks traveling around Europe, but this is not that post. All of that seems to have disappeared in a matter of hours. Not only did I have an 8am class on the first day back from vacation, but I got to spend over two hours running around the school trying to get some information about upcoming classes (as in tomorrow!) and exams with no success AND I get an email announcing that the school has lost its US Direct Loan funding:


PoznaƄ, July 29, 2011

Dear students,

This letter is to inform you that on July 20, 2011 the University received a letter from the US Department of Education which states that Poznan University of Medical Education lost its eligibility to participate in the Direct Loan Programs.
The reason for loss of Title IV, HEA Program eligibility is the fact that PUMS did not meet the 75% pass rate threshold for USMLE exams (Step 1 and Step 2) taken by PUMS students. The current pass rate for PUMS indicated by DOE is 74.5%.
The loss of eligibility is effective September 30, 2010, however, the University was informed about the decision no earlier than on July 20, 2011.
According to the decision, the incoming students will not be able to participate in Direct Loan Programs. As for the current students, PUMS may award and distribute Direct Loans and process loans deferments for one more academic year 2011/2012 which will enable the University to take appropriate measures.
Currently, the University is taking its right to appeal against the decision of US Department of Education. Our appeal will be considered by DOE after August 8, 2011.
We would like to assure you that the University is taking all possible steps and measures to continue its eligibility to participate in the student financial assistance programs offered by DOE. Together with our admission offices, we are also looking for alternative loan options for you.  
We will keep you updated in this matter and inform you about our progress in reinstating participation in Direct Loan Programs.

Prof. Grzegorz Oszkinis, MD, PhD

Center for Medical Education in English

You know, medical school is supposed to be hard enough on its own without having to worry about whether or not I'll be able to eat or pay for school. At least we're set for this year, but that still doesn't leave any of us in a great place for next year. I can only hope and pray that the appeal goes through and that this year's USMLE scores are higher. I don't know if I can handle moving and starting this shit over again.