Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow 1, Chelsea 0

It's the Friday before break and all my classes have been canceled. Therefore, I'm officially on holiday. This would be pretty great if I weren't on crutches. Wednesday this week, as I was just leaving for school, I crossed the snow-packed street in front of my house and slipped landing on my left knee. It didn't help matters that I had about 10 kg of books in my backpack too. I managed to crawl back to the side and hobble back to the apartment. A trip to the doctor that afternoon didn't provide much insight except that my pain structure is abnormal for any of the typical knee injuries. I responded that I don't have typical knees.

I borrowed crutches from a friend, got a compression bandage from the doc, and he started me on 10 days of heparin. Why heparin, you may ask. Well, Monday I am getting on a transatlantic flight to head to Ottawa for the holiday break and, having a recent leg injury, may be at risk for a blood clot.

I am supposed to go back today, Friday, for an ultrasound to see if there is any soft tissue damage like a meniscus or ligament. After two days of staying off it though, I am feeling quite a bit better. I know I should go through with the ultrasound just to be safe, but I'm pretty sure they won't find anything. I have a feeling that in a few more days I may be back to at least 80%. That means no jogging for a while, but the fact that I fell just walking across the street means I won't be jogging outdoors anyway! It's gross out there!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Papers in order

We just returned from a whirlwind last minute trip to Gdansk to get P's new biometric EU passport. It means he is in the clear for leaving Europe next week and is the proud holder of two passports again. Now, this week, it's time for me to make sure I have all my papers in order. My resident card expires on Saturday and my new one should be in any day, though I have yet to hear from the office. I have to take a few hours on Monday to go and do some investigating and see if the decision has been made in my case and if my card is ready. Just more pre-holiday stress, something everyone needs more of, right?