Friday, October 08, 2010


We've moved so many times in the last 5 years, you'd think we'd be pros at this by now. The unpacking has begun in earnest. We (re)built the record shelf and the reshelving process has begun as well. Our bed is in place, though our headboard still needs to be unpacked and installed (it attaches to the wall, which will require purchasing a drill). The kitchen is almost done unpacking. It was a pretty complete kitchen, so we're packing up what was there and replacing it with our stuff. If I'm going to break a dish I'd rather it be mine!

The hardest part of unpacking so far has been the clothing. We don't have a lot of space for hanging yet and we haven't figured out a great storage system so most things have been living in piles around the house. It will get better with time and planning though.

School is in full swing and I am counting myself lucky that I received exemption from two of the big classes (anatomy and histology). I will still have to take the NBME exams, but my presence in class and lecture is not required. That frees up a lot of time to get stuff done. Yesterday, for example, we walked 30 min to get to the office to sign up for internet. We've signed up and received the modem but it may be up to 3 weeks before it can get installed! Here's hoping for a speedy installation guy.

And just when you think everything is going so well...the bad stuff. We still have not found someone to rent our apartment in Gdansk. The lease we signed did not have a clause to give notice to break the lease so we are legally responsible for it until either (a) we find someone to take over the lease or (b) the lease ends in February. Every lead we've had has fallen flat and we're having to post fliers around the schools hoping to entice some students. It's an extremely frustrating situation and, after having been through a very legit lease signing process with our new place, we realize at how we have been totally screwed over by our old land lady. The lease protected only her interests and none of ours. Ah, but we live and learn.

This weekend looks like it will be the last weekend of good weather for a bit which makes it even more exciting that I get to pick up my new bicycle tomorrow. Piotr is heading to the flea market and I am going for a bike ride. It's getting chilly enough outside that I need to find my bike gloves though--these long fingers don't work so well when they get cold.

Once we get internet, I fully intend to keep this blog updated more regularly even if it's just one liners. We'll see how it goes once I start to get buried in studying. You know what they say, even the best intentions...