Friday, September 24, 2010

Our New Apartment!

We've got a place! We sign the lease and get the keys next week. You can watch the slide show below or click here to view it in Picasa. The place is fully furnished, albeit with slightly ugly furnishings, but we will be able to make it ours easily. It's less than 500 ft from a tram stop with service to either downtown or the train station (about 10 minutes each) and a little more than that in the other direction to the "fast" trams that arrive in the center in about 5 minutes. It's closer to the city center than when we lived in North Portland and PoznaƄ has been adding bike lanes and bike routes all over the city. Oh, I have a bike now too!!
Here's a map of where it is:
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We are very excited about it, but not so excited about actually moving. Those of you who have helped us before understand why. Our packing supplies arrived yesterday and this weekend we begin attacking the records! Oh, one more thing about the apartment--we have two couches that fold into double beds, so there's more than enough room for guests! Come visit!!