Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The English Leech!! He saved us, but we hated him for it. After a long morning trying to get a ride on the Urban highway of Fukuoka to anywhere, we got to the expressway interchange. What we didn't really know was that we were still on the expressway. The poilce were kind enough to come and inform us of that. They took us into the police building to "have a little talk", but the nice supervisor saw that the other guy was being a hard ass and when he found out we had to get all the way to Awaji, he let us go with directions of where to stand on the surface streets. We headed out there and had no luck forever. We'd just changed signs and tactics when this guy showed up with his tiny little jeep. He said he'd take us at least to Honshu (because supposedly hitching out of KitaKyushu is next to impossible) but he had to stop by his house first. Ok. He managed to arrange his stuff so we each had about 2 inches of space and then proceded to take surface roads! It was probably close to 10am by this point and we'd started at 8am, so we were ready to be moving anywhere. After several hours of under speed limit driving we told him to just let us out. He said he'd take us farther, but we couldn't stand it. He was by far the worst ride, but he did give us little handmade leather purses as gifts. It felt great to get out of that car.

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