Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ottawa for Christmas

I just woke up from a drug induced attempt to avoid jet lag and the house is quiet and still. I made it to Ottawa, Canada, yesterday all the way from Sopot, Poland. Ironically, it is both colder and snowier in Poland than it is here.

Even though I'm not "home" for Christmas, this place feel like the next best thing. It's a little odd to think that I don't really have a home to go to for Christmas, but I suppose that's part of growing up. When my classmates asked when I was going home, I had to respond that Poland is my home now--as weird as that sounds. I have a storage unit I could go to, where all my stuff is, or an aunt's house or friend's place, but that's the limit in Portland. I could go to my parent's house in Panama, and even though they would be there, I doubt it would feel like home. Piotr's mother's house is the most home we have. And I have to admit, having Grendel (my cat) here to welcome me really made it feel even more like home.

I was debriefed last night as to the holiday plans and schedule. I will do my best to take photos and post a few here and there. We will be in the tiny town of Merrickville for two nights in a row, including a stay at a little bed & breakfast. Our NYE plans are still up in the air, but we're going to try to settle something soon.

I hear my cat somewhere getting into something. I should go find him before he wakes anyone else up.

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