Sunday, April 04, 2010

Getting back to it.

 It's been so long since I have written anything I'm a little overwhelmed at where to start.

We have moved into the apartment in Wrzeszcz--good luck saying that--and I love it. It's been a little rough living in an unfinished apartment, but everyday it's getting better and better. We had the kitchen floor installed, built the Ikea kitchen furniture and finally got the sink installed. We just bought a washing machine but we have to wait until after the holiday to get it hooked up.

Oh, all our stuff arrived from America too. That's another story though.

Today we built Piotr's record shelf from Ikea and he's started bringing up boxes of his most precious ones and unpacking them. He just unpacked the boxes of 78s and (thank God) none of them were broken. I must admit that the room looks a lot better with the wall of records starting to take shape. Another piece of furniture we built is my desk which means I have a make-shift area to study in--very important.

Yes, things are going well. School is going well too. I just received a notice that I am exempt from the last embryology exam because of my performance on the first exam and on the in-class quizzes. There are only 3 of us who received this exemption. :) That means I have more time to study anatomy and histology as I am determined to be in the top 10 for each of those subjects. It has been a little bit of a struggle balancing home renovations, unpacking, and studying, but I'm managing.

One of the things about the unpacking process that has surprised me the most is that is makes me friend-sick. I won't say homesick, because this is my home now, but friend-sick because I miss my family and friends. Piotr and I have some really cool things and quite a few of them have come from our family & friends or from trips or adventures we've taken with some of you. Just know that with every box we open, we are thinking of you.

On that note, I think it's time to go figure out what to make for dinner. We've started with the drinks, as you can see. (I unpacked the cocktail shaker and martini glasses this week!) We forgot that it's a holiday weekend and put off shopping until about 5pm on Saturday...when all the shops closed at 3pm. Crap. Time to get creative! Happy Easter everyone!

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