Tuesday, May 04, 2010

227 days ago...

I found this note in my iphone from 227 days ago: September 19, 2009.

Snafu at airport led to having my flight switched from united to Alaska for the first leg. What a difference! United charges you for everything now where Alaska has free Starbucks coffee, Jones soda, Tazo tea, NW beers(Widmer) and wines! (though no beer offered on my morning flight)

Getting my flights squared away took almost an hour--I'm SO glad we got there early. I was lucky to have great people helping me on both sides of the desk (Piotr and my parents were with me). However, by the time I finally got my tickets and bags checked in there was no time for breakfast before security. I barely had time for goodbyes! I settled for a microwaved breakfast burrito while my folks an Piotr had a lot more options.

But I made my first flight, ate, and had a coffee (thanks to mom & Piotr who went for coffee while dad and I waited at the ticket desk!!). Bags are checked through to Gdansk, I have boarding passes for all flights and it looks like enough time between flights to make them all.

Only thing to minorly worry about now is entering the EU without a visa and only a one way ticket--I apparently stand a chance of deportation! Let's hope the school paperwork is enough to convince the Germans to let me in!
 As you know, I made it okay and the Germans didn't deport me.

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