Thursday, April 07, 2011


In our genetic counseling seminar yesterday we were discussing the clinical tests used to diagnose Marfan syndrome. The picture shows positive results for the two most common tests: the thumb and wrist signs. In class, the doctor asked us if anyone had a positive thumb sign. Everyone holds up their fists and there are only two of us with positive signs. She then explains the wrist test--not just wrapping your fingers around your wrist, but to be able to touch or overlap your index finger with your little finger--and asks again. Again, I test positive (very positive) and get to show the class. At this point the entire class is convinced that I have Marfan syndrome, especially "since you're so tall." They all had concerned looks on their faces.

It seems as if the self and group diagnosing part of medical school has begun! The funniest part for me is that I'd already talked to my doctor about Marfan years ago and despite the positive clinical signs, I'm fine. Though, it is entertaining to show off for the class all my crazy tricks. I think I'll save my leg hyperextension for another class.

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Anonymous said...

Very Funny! Glad you're finding ways of amusing your fellow Med School Students! Miss you here in PDX - especially now with the weather improving - I can see you in my mind's eye in your guise as "river-rat" on board the "Outrageous" -Ciao Dr. C! xxoo The Puppet Master