Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summer: Now or Never!

My summer this year is short, only  weeks, but I'm  making the most of it. My parents are here in Poland for the duration and we're partying like it's 1984! We've seen much of Poznań already. Last week we were up in Trójmiasto for the Open'er festival and a leisurely week in Sopot/Gdańsk--my old stomping ground. We also held Parent Summit 2011--the first meeting of the parents--and all of it went great.

We're back in Poznań for a few more days now, taking care of business (mostly school and laundry). P's mom is coming down for the weekend to see our Poznań place. Then on Monday, the 'rents and I are starting our epic trip with 4 days in Kraków. P will meet us in Zakopane and then we'll drive together to Budapest. Four days later we descend to Zagreb, Croatia, and begin the beachy part of the trip. We'll have about a week to explore and explore we will. We only have reservations until Budapest so far and we're going to wing it the rest of the way!

The real challenge is going to be trying to study while on this amazing journey. The reality is that we will get back Sunday night and I have an 8am class Monday morning. This year, there is no ramping up to a full schedule--we start with it on day 1. Should be fun!

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