Monday, August 15, 2011

Time to get back to the books

My parents in Kraków
My parents leave this morning, heading back to the states to resume their own adventures. The 2 months they've been here have been amazing. It has easily been the best summer in years. Even though they were here long enough, and in close enough proximity, to be annoying at times, I wouldn't trade this summer for anything. It'd been two years since I'd seen them and (in my opinion) two months wasn't enough.

But now, as they are about to board the plane, I have to shift my frame of mind and return to my studies. Pathology has its first exam a week from today, biochemistry after that, pathophysiology somewhere in between and then we're in full force in 2nd year. This year is going to be potentially the biggest challenge of my life and I have to get started. Vacation ends today.

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