Monday, September 05, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Another exam out of the way.... again. Biochemistry has come back to bite me in the ass too many times. From the NBME scandal of old exams being passed around to rescheduling of the Final exam two, no, three3 times, I cannot wait to be done and finished with this department. As soon as my grades are submitted (proof that it's finally over) I will be writing a very detailed and honest letter to the dean describing everything this department has subjected us to this year. What makes it worse is that I like biochemistry and this department has made be grow to dread it. But (hopefully) it's all over with. I passed with a good mark and feel great about it.

The week before the biochemistry exam, we had our first pathology exam. While I am not in love with everyone in this department (there will always be a couple of crap TAs) I am in love with the 82-year old professor who is a total hard ass. I love being held accountable for the material. I love being scared into being prepared for class. I love that I rocked that exam. The best part is that because I passed both exams, I have no retakes this week. That makes me one of the few double hitters in the class.

On to the next one...

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