Thursday, July 01, 2010

The end is here.

Exams are done, school is out, & summer is here!

The day after my last exam, Piotr, his mom, and I took a train or a long weekend in the city of Poznań. It made me realize how small Gdańsk really is because Poznań is a real city! It was the new shiny sparkly Poland where Gdańsk is just not. A weekend away was exactly what we needed. View our Poznań pictures here.

This week was Piotr's name day (like a Polish 2nd birthday) with a family dinner party. Last night we had taco night with a bunch of friends from school. What I realized is that these girls don't know how to cook, so getting together to cook and eat is both a socializing and a learning experience for them. I told them what ingredients to buy and then we all worked together to make a huge great meal. It was a lot of fun. At the very end of the night though, I managed to cut open my big toe with a piece of glass which ended the night on the dramatic side as we had to improvise with what we had for first aid equipment. Using vodka as an antiseptic, bandaids as butterfly bandages, and gauze with masking tape we managed to wrap it up. The most frustrating part to me is that I have to suspend the jogging program I just started until my toe is doing better. And I was so excited to start a workout routine!

Tomorrow Piotr's brother, Tom, and his friend, Rebeca, are coming to visit for about a week. I'm looking forward to having them, but my toe has slowed me down on the cleaning front today. I have my work cut out or me for the rest of the evening!

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