Sunday, September 12, 2010

Application Submitted

This is what I received Friday morning in my inbox:
 Dear C.D.U.,

We've received your recent enquiry regarding our 4-year MD Program and, judging from your description, you would be a very good candidate for the our program. The classes have already started here, however we've had a couple of last-minute resignations which freed up positions in the freshman year.

Could you please scan and send to my e-mail or fax a copy of the following documents as soon as possible:

-completed application form this page
-college diploma
-college transcripts showing that you've completed your pre-medicals (Biology, Chemistry organic and general, Physics)
-a photocopy of the bio page of your passport

After reviewing your application, we will let you know in the beginning next week, if we can offer you acceptance for the academic year 2010/2011.

Best regards,
Mr. Man from Poznan

By Friday afternoon, I had submitted all the requested materials and now I am just waiting. I'm pretty good at waiting; I've been doing it for a while now. It's not a sure thing, but it looks pretty probable. My MCAT scores come out Tuesday as well, so by then we can make the most informed decision. Until then, I wait.

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