Saturday, September 18, 2010

We are moving!

We are moving to Poznan and I start school on Wednesday. We spent Thursday and Friday of last week beginning our apartment hunt and it will continue when we return on Tuesday. While in Gdansk, we're starting the packing process, ordering extra boxes, and arranging all the logistics.

As for school, I am already on the official student's list. I will find out Monday what group I'm in and Wednesday I'll get to meet everyone. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I can say this: every interaction I've had with the school has been great. The dean's office gave me a welcome package--a PUMS bag with course catalog, maps, and a nice new PUMS executive folder--with  with all the information I need to get things started.

I will try to post updates as the week(s) continue, but we haven't arranged for internet in Poznan yet.
Back to packing!

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Chaos Gurl said...

I would say that this switch is so sudden but I know you've worked your ass off to make it so. Good luck guys! You cannot be stopped!