Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend update

It's snowing and sticking in Poznań! The place has turned into a winter wonderland. If I thought my cobblestone church-lined street was quaint before, it is downright picturesque now. The snow was a beautiful backdrop for our little and late Thanksgiving dinner. It was lovely with Turkey (parts, not a whole bird), mashed potatoes, 3-bean salad, wild mushroom stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a  homemade apple pie. We had a friend and her son over for dinner. The cats welcomed their attention and I welcomed their help in the kitchen.

It's going to be a big week around here as P starts his new job this week. Oh yeah, did I mention that he got a job?! I am so excited for him as it's at a really cool place and should be a challenging position for him. We are also starting to look ahead to the holidays and the prospect of a trip across the pond. We are not so excited about the new airline transatlantic baggage restrictions nor the scan/body search requirements as we transit through the US. That being said, I am still so excited to head to Canada for the holidays!

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